About Us

BDK is a non-sectarian Buddhist organization that holds no particular school of Buddhism above another. Our primary focus is to promote an understanding of Buddhist wisdom through sponsoring activities and programs, as we endeavor to share "The Teaching of Buddha" with all who are interested.

The Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai (BDK) is the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism. BDK Hawaii was founded as BDK Sudatta Hawaii, but we have formally dropped Sudatta from our name.  We are headquartered in Tokyo, and have offices in Berkeley, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Germany and the U.K. 


BDK Japan was originally established by Rev. Dr. Yehan Numata, the founder of the Mitutoyo Corporation, a major manufacturer of precision measuring equipment.  With the generous support of Rev. Yehan Numata and BDK Japan, Mr. Ralph Honda, a business and civic leader, established the BDK Sudatta Society in 1978, and served as its first President until 1998.  He oversaw the building of the BDK apartment and office complex, which was dedicated in 1991.

Mr. Honda was succeeded by Rev. Yoshiaki Fujitani, a former bishop of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, who served as BDK President for 10 years.  In March, 2009, Dr. George Tanabe, Professor Emeritus of Religion at the University of Hawaii, became the third and current President of the organization, which changed its name to BDK Hawaii.