BDK Hawaii Programs

Current and Past Programs

Preaching Workshop.  Responding to the need for training local Buddhist ministers to become more effective public speakers, especially in the art of giving sermons, BDK Hawaii is planning to sponsor a Preaching Workshop in which ministers can practice and improve their skills. 

Counseling Workshop. BDK Hawaii is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a counseling workshop for Buddhist ministers.  As many know from personal experience, people often turn to ministers for advice. Ministers may be asked for help with a wide range of issues, including personal concerns such as bereavement, relationships, family members, and many others. Different skills are required in order for ministers to assist their community. These include active listening skills, accurate empathy, awareness of legal issues, and information for potential referrals.  This one-day workshop will address all of these concerns and more.

Yoshiaki Fujitani-BDK Hawaii Interfaith Program at Chaminade University.  Established in 2003 and named in honor of Yoshiaki Fujitani, a past president of BDK Hawaii, the program promotes interfaith dialogue.  George Tanabe is a member of the executive committee.